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11 Gorontalo Foods You Must Try, Obama Eat This!

Welcome to Indonesia!
Gorontalo, the youngest provinces in Indonesia, has a variety of Gorontalo foods that you can make as a destination for culinary tourism. This city has a variety of unique and delicious specialties. This is a review of Gorontalo specialties and their recipes that you must eat. Check it out!

1. Chicken Iloni

For those of you who are fans of spicy culinary delights, you have to try this one special dish from the Gorontalo region. At first glance, the Iloni Chicken dish is almost similar to the grilled chicken dish in other areas in general. What distinguishes the typical Gorontalo food of iloni chicken with grilled chicken in general is the seasoning mixture. Iloni Chicken is very dominated by the mix of spices, including shallots, garlic, turmeric, ginger, hazelnut, and other ingredients. What makes this dish unique is that before cooking, the chicken is soaked in coconut milk first. The way to cook it is by baking it not burning it. This is what gives tourists the distinctive taste.

2. Binte Biluhuta

This typical Gorontalo food binte biluhuta is made from raw corn. The word "Binte" means corn, while the word "Biluhuta" means watered, so Binte Biluhuta means watered corn. On the island of Sulawesi, this dish is also known as a typical Gorontalo food milu siram. At first glance, Binte Biluhuta is almost the same as Manado porridge, which is the same soup with shredded fish filling as well as various vegetables. The difference is the raw material, if Manado porridge is made from cassava or rice, Binte Biluhuta is a typical Gorontalo food from glutinous white corn, mixed with shredded coconut, shredded skipjack tuna and shredded skipjack tuna, then poured in the sauce with Gorontolo's special spices. Binte Biluhuta is very delicious to eat when it's still warm.

3. Ilabulo

If you want to eat a dish that is not too heavy but can fill your stomach, then this typical Gorontalo ilabulo food is worth a try. Ilabulo is made from basic ingredients of sago and chicken liver cooked in coconut milk. At first glance, this dish is similar to pepes, but if you try it, you will surely know the difference.

4. Sabongi Cake

The next specialty food from Gorontalo province is Sabongi Cake. The Sabongi cake is one of the typical Gorontalo snacks that was passed down from generation to generation by the ancestors of the Gorontalo people, it is even said that this cake has existed since the days of the Gorontalo kingdom. This cake is made from banana and cassava. Even though it is only made from banana and cassava, this cake has its own taste and appeal to its fans. This typical Gorontalo food recipe is quite simple so that it is not surprising that many people love this one cake.

5. Tili Aya

Tili Aya is a typical Gorontalo culinary that you can only find at traditional events. Usually, this dish is served with rice or other staple foods. Actually, Gorontalo specialties and how to make them are quite easy. Tili Aya uses brown sugar as raw material, in which brown sugar is kneaded with coconut milk and a few eggs. Then steamed until cooked.

6. Bilenthango

Bilenthango is one of the kinds of typical Gorontalo foods that are quite popular with the community. Made from Mujair Fish, this dish is served with a unique manufacturing process, which is half grilled or fried. At first, tilapia fish is halved, then grilled or fried over low heat on a banana leaf that has been smeared with cooking oil. After that the fish is seasoned with various spices by pouring it little by little so that the marinade seeps inside.

7. Nike cake

You must see typical Gorontalo food and its explanation on this one. If usually cakes are made with mashed potato as a base, then mix them with egg or minced meat plus sliced ​​green onions and celery leaves. In Gorontalo, there are unique cakes made from the basic ingredients of nike fish. Nike fish are fish that are tiny like anchovies. This fish is one of the endemic fish that live in Lake Tondano. You can actually make this nike fish cake yourself easily. The ingredients used include nike fish, eggs, wheat flour, shallots, leeks, salt, garlic, and pepper.

8. Pia Saronde Cake

Saronde pia cakes are included in the list of typical Gorontalo foods that you must bring home as souvenirs for relatives at home. The pia saronde cake is a typical Gorontalo snack which has a delicious yet delicious taste and a crunchy texture. The name Saronde itself is taken from the name of an island in Gorontalo province which is called the hidden paradise which is famous for its beauty. You can get this pia saronde cake at Jalan Sultan Botutihe 29, Gorontalo, precisely in front of Gorontalo Mall.

9. Openwork Cake

If the typical Betawipan food is kue tete and kue lumpur, in Gorontalo there is a unique cake called kue kerawang. This snack in the form of pastries has a unique and attractive appearance. This cake consists of two pieces or two pieces that the top is drawn or hand-painted with pictures of various leaves and flowers. Then in the middle it is filled with jam, caramel, peanuts, it can also be melted chocolate. You can only find cakes in Gorontalo, this is usually a mandatory snack when Eid al-Fitr arrives, where this cake is always hunted by guests who stay in touch on the day of Eid.

10. Tuna satay

If in Tana Toraja there is a typical Toraja food, Satay Pangarang, in Gorontalo there is also a unique satay, tuna satay. You can find shops selling tuna satay in Gorontalo coastal areas such as Lahilote Beach. At first glance, this tuna satay looks like chicken or goat satay. However, after eating it, you will feel the softness of the tuna meat that you don't get in other satay dishes. This dish is very delicious eaten with warm rice and chili sauce. Satay fans certainly can't miss this one dish.

11. Brenebon ice

In North Sulawesi, brenebon is a term for red beans. Gorontalo residents often process this Brenebon into various delicious dishes, such as ice and soup. Its sweet and refreshing taste makes this dish often used as a menu for breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan. Brenebon ice contains not only red beans, but consists of various ingredients including chocolate milk, pudding, syrup, and shaved ice. Apart from breaking the fast, this ice is also delicious to eat during the day when the weather is so hot.

That's the typical Gorontalo food that you shouldn't miss when you have the opportunity to visit this area. Crossing to the next island there are other typical Indonesian culinary delights that are equally delicious and unique. Banjarmasin specialties have a variety of unique culinary specialties such as yellow rice, soto banjar, apam barabai, mandai, and so on.

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